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Jazzwise – Dec 2014/Jan 2015

“One of the greatest pleasures of ReVoice! is hearing Mancio perform in duo with some of the UK’s finest musicians.”

ReVoice! 2014. Jazzwise review Dec:Jan 2014:15

London Jazz News – October 2014

Review of Carmen Lundy / Georgia Mancio and Dave Newton / ReVoice! 2014 roundup

“a real coming of age. This well-programmed vocal jazz series, now in its fifth year, has that air of being solidly established….Another thing to be valued is that Georgia Mancio has created a good listening audience at these gigs. The sets she does at the opening of each concert definitely help to set the tone, to prepare the ground for the headliners” 

Financial Times – October 2014

Review of Carmen Lundy at Pizza Express Jazz Club

“Words tumble like scat and soar between registers while syllables, stretched almost to breaking point, gain a hint of vibrato before ending powerfully with precision”

FT, Carmen Lundy review, Oct 2014



The Arts Desk – Oct 2014

Sandra Nkake / Georgia Mancio review

“In a single set, accompanied by flautist and controller of the electronics, Jî Drû, Nkaké gave a stunningly complete display, as voice, accompaniment, movement and stage presence combined to project her mesmerising, leonine charisma”

“Georgia Mancio … gave a debut of her and [pianist Tom] Cawley’s original work, which in its naturalism, psychological subtlety and domestic focus, was everything Nkaké’s wasn’t. There were a couple of perfectly-pitched covers, but perhaps of most interest were Mancio’s own lyrics, which, very unusually for jazz songs, take an interest in everyday life. … From the giddiest spectacle to the most intimate human concern, this was a gig with everything to offer. A triumph of both programming and performance”


Jazzwise – Oct 2014

Sandra Nkake review

“the wonder of Nkaké ’s voice, which has a weighty, full-bodied tone and an operatic upper register in which notes are thinned out and embroidered into existence like lengths of ornate silk”


Jazz UK – Oct/Nov 2014

Interview with Festival Director Georgia Mancio and ReVoice! 2014 preview

“This is definitely a festival that celebrates both musicianship and the sense of community, allowing national and international collaborations that would probably not be possible otherwise”

Jazz UK, ReVoice 2014 preview


Jazz FM – Oct 2014

Festival Director Georgia Mancio talks to Chris Philips about ReVoice! 2014


The Guardian Guide – Oct 2014

ReVoice! 2014 Preview and Pick of the Week

“For the 2014 ReVoice! Festival, Lundy joins a typically classy … programme”

Guardian ReVoice 2014 preview


All About Jazz – Sept 2014

“The ReVoice! Festival’s success is due to many factors: intelligent programming, audience-friendly venues and talented and entertaining performers are all crucial. So, too, is the dynamism of the festival’s founder and director, Georgia Mancio—herself one of the UK scene’s top singers. One theme comes across particularly strongly, encompassing performance, organisation and programming—collaboration. It’s a theme that Mancio was only too happy to discuss, as were two of the 2014 festival’s stars—British pianist and singer Joe Stilgoe and American vocalist and percussionist Vinx”

 M Magazine  – Sept 2014 

Interview with Festival Director Georgia Mancio

“I think it’s important not to get complacent and to ensure there’s always an element of change, risk and surprise”



 Echoes Magazine – Sept 2014

Interview with Festival Director Georgia Mancio and ReVoice! 2014 preview

“ReVoice!  … puts some of the world’s finest practitioners of the ‘first instrument’ in the spotlight – an event whose praises should definitely be sung”

Echoes ReVoice 2014 preview

Echoes ReVoice! 2014 preview. page 2

London Jazz News – Sept/Oct 2014

Interview with Georgia Mancio

Interview with Rebecca Parris

Interview with Diana Torto


Jazzwise – Oct 2014

Interview with Festival Director Georgia Mancio and ReVoice! 2014 preview

“Now an essential part of the capital’s jazz calendar”

Jazzwise ReVoice! 2014 preview, Oct 2014


 The Arts Desk – Sept 2014

ReVoice! 2014 preview

“Mancio’s programming combines some of the most charismatic and original performers worldwide to create ten concerts (some with several performances) that display the art of jazz singing at its cosmopolitan best”

The Jazz Breakfast – Sept 2014

ReVoice! 2014 preview


The Jazz Rag – Summer 2014

ReVoice! 2014 preview

“A stellar list of singers”

Jazz Rag. ReVoice preview, Summer 2014